Lifton Wedding Fairs

The following is a list of wedding events in Lifton, Devon.

Those living in Broadwoodwidger, Chillaton, Coryton, Dunterton, Kelly, Launceston, Lawhitton, Lewtrenchard, Lezant, Marystow, Milton Abbot, St. Giles on the Heath, Stowford, Thrushelton and Werrington are just a short journey from the event(s) listed below.

We are not aware of any wedding fairs currently scheduled in Lifton. If you know of a wedding fair we should feature then please let us know. Please bookmark this page to check back later.

Lifton Fact File
Lifton is situated near the confluence of the rivers Lyd and Wolf, not far from the border with Cornwall, which gave it strategic importance being close to the route into the ajoining county
The village was founded by the Saxons and was first recorded in the will of King Alfred as 'Liwtune'
Historically the local landowners were the Harris family of Hayne who were of Cornish stock